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A newly discovered artist doing interesting work around the male nude as well gay male sexual identity and experience.

From his site:

"I look for the best in a subject as I do in myself. There is an ongoing struggle to find that balance. My photographs transcend certain truths and bring clarity in the end. They are New York pictures. Their beauty is in the spirit of a moment. As an artist living in a dysfunctional society, I deal with sexuality in the most honest and beautiful way that I know how to. I am interested in the form who dominates subject, and move the subject so he comes to terms with himself. Seeing this through the view finder on my camera, and once the light and form merge perfectly in an instant, the photograph is created. My photographs are of a formal style, and yet, on mark, today. They resonate the spirit of emotion and truth, while bringing to light both aspects of humanity and myself. Photography is how I am able communicate my energy to the energy of the viewer."