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Blake Little is one of my all-time favorite photographers. His book 'Dichotomy' was an inspiration to me and was, in part, responsible for getting me into the genre of male nudes. He has a deft hand in marrying strength and masculinity on the one hand with humanity and grace on the other.

This link is to a new project he has been working on - photographing 'ordinary' men. Far from ordinary, they are handsome and incredibly masculine. Little has captured them in a straightforward and compelling way. 

From his site:

I started taking photos of my friends. The friends of friends. Then I photographed some men on a trip back home to the Northwest. Inspired, I started shooting portraits of guys when I was on my work assignments all over the country, the kinds of guys I like to share a beer with.

The people in these photographs are not famous. What they have in common is that they are men who enjoy the company of other men. The have a rougher kind of look, a counter balance to the celebrities I usually shoot. And almost all of them were genuinely amazed that I wanted to take their photo.

What I was looking for in this group of men is the same authenticity I search for in my assignment work. But as subjects, I related to them in a different, more intimate way. It would usually be just me and the guy I was shooting, with no one else around. I shot them in their own clothes, in their houses, at work or around where they live. Without elaborate set ups, using natural light, in focus and in camera. And instead of thinking about how to make them look, I tried to photograph them the way they make me feel."