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CW Wells
I found Wells's stunning still life photos on flickr and was amazed by her work. They are playful and haunting, sometimes simple images but so well thought through. She's an artist who uses photography as a tool (very skillfully), more than a photographer, but that doesn't detract from her imagery in any way.

From "C W Wells's sculptures and works on paper are ambassadors that have spilled out from her private world, mere fragments of a vast and complex oeuvre. Her studio and home in South Philadelphia is an archive, kept well stocked with an arsenal of supplies like brushes, clays, glazes, toys, molds, tiny clothes, dolls, and tchochkes. Action figures designed by artists Marcel Dzama and R. Crumb share shelf space with Gumby, Yogi Bear, and other old-school cartoon personalities. There are model trains and dollhouse miniatures, paint-by-numbers, vintage collectables, and two live bunnies. This eccentric arsenal is used to create miniature scenes. Like setting a stage, Wells employs little toys, dolls' clothes, and other discarded or precious ephemera. This interest in readily available materials is deceptive, because Wells is a master craftsman."