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I discovered Erin Tyner's work on the web (Flickr and and was immediately captivated by her "Half Awake" series, a miniature world she creates with figurines and backdrops - spare to the point of minimal, but loaded with portent and drama. I purchased a series of prints immediately. At first they seem almost playful, but on second look, they are loaded with anticipation, expectation, flight and ultimately, meaning. This world Tyner has created is comfortably familiar without being comforting. There is a great deal of tension in the simplicity - even dread. When I discovered her site, I was amazed at the breadth of her work. She's convincing and accomplished in many different styles. Well worth a look.

From her site:

"I am a self-taught photographer. I enjoy learning and experimenting with new styles and techniques in both photography and image processing. Favorite subjects of mine so far include abandoned places, found objects an more recently still life and macro photography.