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GianOrso is one of my longest standing friendships through photography. He has mastered the art photographing bears and large men and creating memorable and characterful portraits and nude studies. His photographs force us to confront modern concepts of beauty in that they are beautiful and show the beauty of their subjects in a frank and honest way, even if his subjects don't necessarily conform to the media driven definition of the male ideal. 

From his website: "Along the years I had the chance to take photos of an incredible variety of bodies, faces, hands, expressions, gestures, that all have in common their being "different" from the dominant concept of aesthetic male beauty. This is my starting point, the will and objective to show to the world that men who are so often treated so badly by the media have a sensuality that is equal, if not superior, to all the models we get shown on TV, in movies and in ads.I stand against what is "usual". Instead, I continue to fight my personal war for big