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Shanahan's amazing cityscapes and landscapes are special and memorable because of how he uses urban lighting. Mostly shot between dusk and dawn, the lighting is an important character in his photos, often more so than the actual subject. 

From the Millennium Images site: "Esperantis by Patrick Shanahan is a seductive and unsettling insight into the nocturnal face of the modern urban environment. Taken in Spain and Portugal between 1998 and 2001 as part of his doctoral thesis on 'theorising the post-landscape', these exquisite photographs explore the notion of spatial estrangement. 

For urban designers and engineers, modern lighting technologies offer ways to invest the urban landscape with new cultural meanings through the editing and highlighting of physical spaces. They can transform an already spectacular scene into a yet more powerful nocturnal one. Shanahan's photographs utilise a combination of the effects of ambient artificial lighting with the 'reciprocity failure' of colour photographic film - the colour shifts that occur in exposures exceeding one second - to produce even more unusual settings. 

In what Shanahan refers to as the 'Luminous Uncanny', the selective lighting of particular areas against an abstracted void causes the landscape to dematerialise into a mirage of light and shadow, infusing it with a mystery that both attracts and disturbs us."