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"For the past two years I have been photographing men in various states of undress. Each photograph is a fragment of a relationship that may or may not exist. The intimacy between me and the subject blurs whether these are friends, lovers or strangers. It started with a photograph of myself."


"My photographs are fabrications of an idealized relationship, events, emotions and memories. With my father, I have recreated memories of the past as well as created new ones just through the process of doing this project. Thus depicted, is a relationship that is set in reality and fabrication. Estranged for most of my childhood, due to addictions, this project helped facilitate a relationship. This series incorporates portraits, interiors and objects together. The objects and interiors are photographed as if they are portraits themselves all shot vertically, representing emotions and pieces of our lives left behind. The project not only speaks of our personal relationship but also of fatherhood in general."