Tim Hailand

Hailand's work is elegant, confident and beautiful. A great discovery.
Jim Hodges on Hailand: "For a short time Tim made a studio for himself on the ninety-first floor of the World Trade Center. What a vantagepoint: on top of it all. From this perch, sometimes closed in by the clouds, he turned his attention to his own work, his photos. An attempt at rediscovery, revisiting past locations. Filling a large table with images, mixing and stirring them up, he then started combining opposites. He began with the sea and the Miami sky. The shore meets a wave and floats us to the horizon. Cut into strips and woven together, physically blended. The beginning again. How images overlapped, how time and places mingled physically on the tabletop. Mirroring, combining, creating a new dimension. A perfect view where night co-exists with day, stars with bright summer beaches. Earth and air. Bringing together what seems to be so naturally together but always in opposition. He developed these combines further when he turned his attention to portraiture. Couples. Partners physically seperate, but sharing the same space. Giving form to the invisible space created by couples. A space not available for he camera's lens but defined in the bringing together of the two people. The impossible made possible. Wonderfully optimistic and endlessly romantic, Tim finds himself again making the world a better place. Or rather presenting the better world that's always here.