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Come, take my hand, be my friend.
We have the same form. Do we share the same spirit? Shall we see?
Will you hold me in your strong arms and comfort me?
Will you lend me your strength if I hide your weaknesses?
We shall fight, do doubt, for fight is in our nature. But I will try not to hurt you.
Promise to keep me from being my worst self. Hold be back from the precipice.
You can count on me to have your back as I shall count on you to carry my breathless corpse from the field.
We are stronger as a pair than alone. I promise not to let go. Will you promise too?
Let's make plans, look into our future. Do you see what I see?
The other day I heard all friendships end in death. Do you know this to be true?
I cannot bear this truth. I will not bear this truth.
Be my friend and our love will endure. Say it is so and I shall believe you.
Come, take my hand.
Be my friend.