Hero finds her beloved Leander drowned on a beach

Baucis and Philemon are granted their wish to grow old together - as trees


As he leaves the underworld, Orpheus looks back to see Euryduce fade away

Ariadne gives Theseus string to find his way our of the Labyrinth

Danae and her son are set adrift in a crate by her fearful father, the King

Galatea comes to life before Pygmalion

Cupid takes aim for Dido's heart

Odysseus comes to liberate his men from Circe's spell

Thisbe discovers the body of her beloved Pyramus on a river bank - if only she had been there on time

Alcione dreams of her beloved Ceyx who was lost at sea

Europa and her noble companion pick flowers in a lovely blooming meadow

Cassandra can see into the future, but nobody will listen to her prophecies 

Psyche spies on cupid as he sleeps - is he man or snake?


Eurycleia washes a stranger's feet only to recognise Odysseus by a scar on his ankle

Pandora, consumed by curiosity, opens the box

Medea poisons the dress she will give to Jason's new bride

Odysseus listens to the song of the Sirens