I have the luxury of being able to photograph only those things that captivate me and enjoy the challenge of creating compelling images from the every-day.


In an otherwise fast paced life, photography has taught me to take the time to look properly and see what is really there - few people do. As my technical skills have improved I believe I've evolved from simply being able to see what's there, to being able to show what I see. This has been immensely gratifying.


Mine is not a portfolio of the random and haphazard. Though there may not be a true purpose behind the images I create, or even a lofty reason, they are not accidents. There is method and there is choice behind this madness. I know immediately when an image works for me.


I do a lot of work in my studio or in otherwise controlled conditions. This allows me to be at my most creative. I've been known to drag tons of equipment to remote places just to be sure I was prepared - I've never once regretted doing so.


Photographers enjoy debating the merits of value of the different aspects of this art form. I honestly believe that amazing images can be made no matter the medium or equipment. Just as any functioning automobile can get you from point A to point B. But I do enjoy a nice ride. In the same vain, I do enjoy the equipment involved in photography in all its aspects and am not ashamed of loving my cameras. It's as if I've admitted to some terrible vice, but there it is...