V G Keith

My interest in photography began at the age of eight. My father introduced me to the art as a child with a little plastic medium format camera. Sadly I no longer have the camera or any of the images it produced, but I do still have the memories of working in the darkroom with my father. From developing the film through to making the prints, I recall the feelings of expectation and surprise as an image came to life.

I’ve been photographing men for over twenty years, a journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration that has been a central them in my life. It was through my photography that I came to terms with my identity as well as the aesthetics that would, in part, define my creative vision. 

I’ve photographed over 300 men of all shapes, ages and backgrounds all over the world. Be it in the studio, in my or their homes, or out on location, these “encounters” have been fascinating in their diversity and range. I’ve learned something from every shoot, and made many friends over the years. 

From time to time, I’ve connected with a given model(s) on a deeper creative level. Something about the connection gives rise to a creative project that goes beyond a standard studio shoot – where the model(s) and I agree to explore a theme on a deeper level, or where the shoot goes beyond portraiture and physique work and moves into exploring a story or theme. I’ve created this website to showcase these stories and projects.

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